If you don't have a printer or if your printer isn't working right now, you can send print jobs to the library for pickup within 24 hours.

DO NOT PRINT SENSITIVE INFORMATION. WHILE CONFIDENTIALITY IS ALWAYS MAINTAINED IN THE PERFORMANCE OF LIBRARY DUTIES, BY ITS NATURE THIS SERVICE CANNOT INSURE COMPLETE PRIVACY. Print jobs are held in a queue for 24 hours. After this time jobs will be deleted. Please call within 24 hours of sending a print job.

  1. Available to Evergreen Park residents only.

  2. Click here to start.

  3. Choose black & white or color. Black & white prints cost $.10 per page and color prints cost $.50 per page.

    User info: You must enter your last name, first initial.

  4. Select document: The browse button will provide a drop-down menu so you can choose any document that is on your computer. Double click on the document you wish to print. Its identifying information will be displayed in the box. You can also print from a website by typing in the complete web address.

  5. Click on arrow in lower right corner to proceed to next step.

  6. The next screen will show you the number of pages you printed and the cost.  If this is correct click the green printer icon.

  7. Screen will show “Your request is being processed.”

  8. Call the library at 708.422.8522. Give your last name. Staff will confirm receipt and provide pickup instructions.

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