The Reference librarians in our Adult Services department can place your requests for library materials, answer your questions, and make recommendations about our books, audio recordings and videos for your reading, listening and viewing enjoyment.

In addition, here are some sites that can also help you find your next good read:

Goodreads: A social network for readers. Users can track their reading, rate books they have read, and review and share book information with others. Join the Evergreen Park Readers on Goodreads to find other readers from Evergreen Park.

Novelistplus: Available through the library website. This database offers author read-a-likes and series information.  You can also enter the aspects of a book that you like, and it will list books that feature those characteristics. It also includes the lexile level for YA and children’s books and non-fiction books that are written in story format.

Bookbrowse: Your one-stop resource for books that entertain, engage, and enlighten.

Bookbub: Discover books you'll love. Book recommendations, along with deals for ebooks, book release information, and more.

LibraryThing: Social cataloging site for storing and sharing book catalogs and book information.

LitHub: Literary book reviews, recommendations, and literary culture.


Fantastic Fiction: Site provides series information, author, and publication information for hundreds of thousands of books. Your online guide to series fiction. Use this handy search to find out the order of books in series.


All About Romance: Books are given a grade rating and are also assigned a sensuality rating. They can be searched for by title or author. There are lots of options for users to participate in blogs and various discussions about their favorite authors. There is also an “if  you like” section for author read-a-likes.

Romance Writers of America: This site provides links to author sites. It also provides lists of recently-released romance novels. It supplies lots of lists of award winners and authors but does not show specific information about plots or characters.


Mystery Readers International: The largest mystery fan/reader organization in the world is open to all readers, fans, critics, editors, publishers, and writers.

Stop, You're Killing Me!: On this site you can search for books by author or character.  You can also search by the jobs the main characters have, genre specifics, historical periods, the location of stories, etc. You can also find a book by what awards it has received. It does not allow search by plot elements.


Lukas Prize Project Awards: Sponsored by the Columbia University Graduate School Of Journalism, these awards honor exceptional nonfiction writers and their works. The prizes recognize literary grace and commitment to serious research and social concern. Information about the books and the authors is included. Lists of past winners and information about their books can also be found.

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