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Library Board Meetings

Library Board

Name Position Term
Kim Shine President 2023
Virginia Chandler Vice-President 2021
Elizabeth Topa Treasurer 2023
Vacant Secretary  
Kate Bradley Trustee 2021
Deborah Pearson Trustee 2023
Helen Tomczuk Trustee 2021
Nicki Seidl Library Director  


Board Meetings

The Library Board of Trustees meets on the second Wednesday of the month. The meeting start time is 7 pm. Members of the public are welcome to attend. All meetings are held in the small conference room on the lower level. Each regular agenda provides time for public participation. Patrons addressing the Library Board must state their full name and address for the record, and limit their comments to five minutes. The total time allotted for verbal addresses is fifteen minutes per meeting. A request for the addition of an agenda item must be submitted in writing five days prior to the scheduled meeting, and will be added at the discretion of the Board of Trustees.

Email the Evergreen Park Public Library Board of Trustees at:

At the regular meeting of October 10, 2018 the Evergreen Park Public Library Board of Trustees approved and adopted Resolution 2018-5 reducing the term of office of library trustees from six (6) years to four (4) years.

Agendas and Minutes

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Library Board December 29, 2014
Library Board November 12, 2014
Library Board October 8, 2014
Library Board September 10, 2014
Library Board August 13, 2014
Library Board July 9, 2014
Library Board June 11, 2014
Library Board May 14, 2014
Library Board April 9, 2014
Special Library Board April 2, 2014
Library Board March 19, 2014
Library Board February 12, 2014
Library Board January 8, 2014
Library Board December 11, 2013
Special Library Board November 13, 2013