Professional Arts Quilt Alliance Quilt Show


  • Post Impression

    Post Impression by Kathleen Irons Sweeney

  • Moments of Amusement

    Moments of Amusement by Darcy Berg

  • Corn Cob Pi

    Corn Cob Pi by Kathy Steere

  • Downtime

    Downtime by Pat Kroth

  • Water Lilies #1

    Water Lilies #1 by Sara Hochhouser

  • Impression:  Sunset

    Impression: Sunset by Kathleen Hughes

  • Silent

    Silent by Roslyn DeBoer

  • Out Front

    Out Front by Darcy Berg

  • Inspired by Kris

    Inspired by Kris by Vickie Alsene

  • Midwest Farm Fields

    Midwest Farm Fields by Joan Bratton

  • Cedar Lake Cottage

    Cedar Lake Cottage by Joan Bratton

  • Monstera Fusica

    Monstera Fusica by Jo Mortland

  • Planets

    Planets by Vickie Alsene

  • Apparition

    Apparition by Jean Sredl

  • Japanese Garden

    Japanese Garden by Patty Koenigsaecker

  • Tyger, Tyger

    Tyger, Tyger by Denise Havlan

  • Under the Surface

    Under the Surface by Joan Bratton

  • Cloud Impressions

    Cloud Impressions by Kathy Downie

  • Abstraction: Autumn Forest Canopy

    Abstraction: Autumn Forest Canopy by Joy Lavrencik

  • Frond in New York

    Frond in New York by Vickie Alsene

  • In the Woolen Lea with Ewe

    In the Woolen Lea with Ewe by Caroline Szumski

  • Magic

    Magic by Rosalie Baker

  • My Trees

    My Trees by Roberta Dahmer

  • A Time in Stitch II

    A Time in Stitch II by Jean Sredl

  • Over the Hills

    Over the Hills by Catherine Redford

  • Even in Arcadia, There Am I

    Even in Arcadia, There Am I by Patty Koenigsaecker

  • Graphic Impressions by Gwen Jones

    Graphic Impressions by Gwen Jones

  • Where's Home

    Where's Home by Judy Zoelzer Levine

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